Aircraft Dismantling

Aircraft dismantling is a service offered by Falcon Aircraft Services (a subsidiary company of Falcon Airside Ltd), for the purpose of parting out and recycling aircraft at the end of their usable life. It can also be a sensible solution to aircraft in long term storage that have remained unused and not maintained, opposed to resale, which may offer lower or unfeasible financial returns. This service also has a positive environmental impact as a higher percentage of the aircraft is parted out for reuse or recycling.

When dismantling an aircraft, health and safety is paramount, so the first step is to safely remove all the hazardous items and fluids for appropriate disposal. For a certified aircraft, reusable items can be parted out and certified to either EASA or FAA requirements. For an uncertified aircraft, items can be parted out to the current EASA Part M standards. After these initial stages, full dismantling of the aircraft can begin.

Aircraft dismantling methods are not currently covered by any aviation-based legislation. However, Falcon Aircraft Services have produced a method statement that has been tested and accepted by both a major Middle Eastern airline and an aircraft manufacturer. Therefore, there are clear guidelines for dealing with all health and safety requirements, disposal of hazardous materials, parting out of reusable items and recycling of the aircraft structures and engines.

An additional benefit of this service is the ability to come to the aircraft’s current location to carry out the dismantling procedures in accordance with local authority approval. Jet engines can also be dismantled and parted out in the same safe and efficient manner as the rest of the aircraft. Falcon Aircraft Services Ltd services are also available for airport operators who are in need of clearing abandoned and derelict aircraft from their parked locations on the airport – disposing of unsightly aircraft and freeing up much needed space.

Contact Falcon Aircraft Services Ltd for further information regarding capabilities and aircraft that have already been dismantled. A detailed and bespoke quotation can be provided, including an indicative financial return for the aircraft and engines that need to be dismantled.

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