Our low-cost de-icing solution for all narrow-bodied aircraft.

deicerplane-bannerFirst developed in 2002, DEICERplane has a large and satisfied customer base, with over 50 units in operation worldwide.

Designed to offer a simple and cost effective solution for aircraft de-icing, DEICERplane uses the principles of convection to heat a medium so the de-icing fluid is heated indirectly. The simple automated heating system does not shear the fluid, making it a safe and reliable option. It can be configured to heat and dispense a simple fluid of any type, or be fitted with dual capacity tanks for multi-fluid users. The fluid can be maintained at 85C (provided the unit is connected to a power source when not in use) making the unit ready to use at a moments notice.

All components – tanks, control panels, system controls, sensors, indicators, lances and guns – are all new and built to the highest specification. A 12.5m hydraulic access platform is embedded into the chassis to provide easy manoeuvrability around the aircraft. All this can be installed on either a new or used chassis, making the purchase of a DEICERplane unit fit any budget.

For more information about DEICERplane and it’s wide range of benefits, please do get in contact to speak to a specialist advisor, or download our DEICERplane brochure.

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