Maintenance & Repair

Powered GSE always required good maintenance, whether supplied in a new or refurbished condition, to ensure it remains operating at its optimum capacity for the duration of it’s expected lifetime.

Used GSE supplied by Falcon Airside will always be given a detailed inspection and complies with operating parameters, in accordance with the manufacturers maintenance manual. Defects, if any, will be rectified and new parts fitted if required, such as batteries or tyres, to ensure smooth and successful operation as soon as you receive delivery of the unit.

GSE already owned can also benefit from our rigorous maintenance programmes and highly skilled engineers to ensure the on-going and safe operation of any powered unit used to service an aircraft. Our commissioning, regular maintenance and spares supply services can keep your powered equipment in use, and cost-efficient.

Accidents happen, and user error can also play a part in GSE that becomes damaged and/or out of action. That is why we also offer user training by one of our qualified engineers to ensure optimal safety for all using, and in close proximity, to the unit.

If you would like to discuss your GSE maintenance or repair requirements, or would like further information about one of our bespoke training programs, talk to us and find out how we can help you.

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