Ground Support Equipment: Middle East

Founded in 1986, Falcon Airside Ltd have supplied ground support equipment and related services to customers from over 30 different countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Offering supply of ground support equipment packages, single unit sales, as well as technical, spares and training support, we are able to offer our customers, both new and old, in the Middle East and Africa, a one-stop-shop for all their GSE supply needs. We sell both new and used GSE, including; aircraft tow tractors, main deck loaders, lower deck loaders, ground power units, air start units, air conditioning units, passenger steps, belt loaders, baggage tractors, toilet service units, water service units and aircraft deicing units.

Recognising that the Middle East is now a major aviation centre, we have joined with a major aviation supply and support agency in the United Arab Emirates, enabling us better support our customers in Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iran, Oman and of course, the United Arab Emirates.

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